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Primary School

Where we learn, laugh & thrive together

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Primary School

Where we learn, laugh & thrive together

Foundation Subjects


The National Curriculum for Science places emphasis not only on knowledge, but also on the development of scientific skills. All our science activity offers opportunities to develop these skills.


Our science curriculum is not seen in isolation. Opportunities are provided within a cross-curricular framework in order to maximise learning and to transfer knowledge and skills from one area of the curriculum to another. We aim to foster positive attitudes to science by ensuring that work is both enjoyable and relevant. Some topic work will be purely science based in order to focus on specific scientific knowledge.



Children need to embrace technology from an early age if they are to make their way successfully in our ever changing and demanding world. By locating state-of-the-art resources in our classrooms, all children have regular, firsthand experience of the wide range of technology that captures, stores and communicates information.


Daily opportunities to use laptops and iPads support these aims. Other regularly used digital equipment includes cameras, videos, sound recorders and programmable toys. 


Personal, social and health education (PSHE) and Citizenship

Through assemblies and class discussions (circle time) children develop a strong sense of community and their place in the community. Children are encouraged to understand their rights and responsibilities. The children are consulted about school rules and they expect them to be followed by their class mates.


Design and Technology

Through our Design and Technology curriculum children produce designs then make simple models, structures or two-dimensional representations of their ideas. Evaluation is seen as an important part of the learning process. Work is usually linked to topics.



Art is a subject in its own right and has specific skills and knowledge, which need to be taught and learnt. Once learnt, these skills can be applied across the curriculum to support work in many other subjects, such as Science, RE, Mathematics, Geography and DT.

Children learn to draw, paint and sculpt as well as design and create aesthetically pleasing objects in two and three dimensions. Pupils learn about the achievements of great artists, designers and craft workers. We give the children the opportunity to use as wide a variety of materials and resources as possible including textiles, clay, chalk, ink, oil pastels, watercolour, poster paints, collage, charcoal, printmaking and mixed media. Our children also have sketch books to gather, collect, experiment and reflect in.We have special Art days, where the children can really explore a topic or artist and use both indoor and outdoor learning experiences, with different scales. We also award an annual Art trophy to acknowledge artistic ability and endeavour.


History and Geography

Through topic work children develop a sense of history and of the world beyond their own locality. Teaching is closely linked to children's experiences and a sense of wonder is developed through the use of artefacts, field trips, visitors and multimedia.



Our PE activities incorporate the development of early games and gymnastics skills. Co-operation and team spirit are encouraged through a variety of activities. Weeton Primary competes in a number of extra activities across the Fylde including football, netball, cricket, rounders and athletics.



All children have an opportunity to take part in singing lessons and are introduced to the work of composers in music lessons and assemblies. Much of the work is again linked to cross-curricular topics, but musical skills are clearly emphasised in each lesson.


We offer keyboard / piano lessons as part of the LCC Wider Opportunities Scheme - there is a nominal charge for this to subsidise costs.  All children from Year 3 learn to play the recorder.

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