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Art is a subject in its own right and has specific skills and knowledge, which need to be taught and learnt. Once learnt, these skills can be applied across the curriculum to support work in many other subjects, such as Science, RE, Mathematics, Geography and DT.

Children learn to draw, paint and sculpt as well as design and create aesthetically pleasing objects in two and three dimensions. Pupils learn about the achievements of great artists, designers and craft workers. We give the children the opportunity to use as wide a variety of materials and resources as possible including textiles, clay, chalk, ink, oil pastels, watercolour, poster paints, collage, charcoal, printmaking and mixed media. Our children also have sketch books to gather, collect, experiment and reflect in.We have special Art days, where the children can really explore a topic or artist and use both indoor and outdoor learning experiences, with different scales. We also award an annual Art trophy to acknowledge artistic ability and endeavour.